About Us

Our Story

Life has a funny way of coming around full circle

Connie and Wendy met in high school (long ago) and were immediately good friends. As high school friends often do, they ended up in different provinces, got busy with raising family and building careers, and drifted apart.

Connie stayed in Saskatchewan, and worked the front lines in social work for 20+ years, obtained a Masters of Social Work and started her own private practice in 2012. Wendy got her teaching degree and obtained her Masters in Educational Leadership and taught high school for 22 years. Both chose careers in service where they could help others grow to their potential.

Eventually, both ended up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and reconnected. Connie was exiting her very successful counselling practice in Saskatoon and Wendy was leaving the teaching profession. When the two got together for lunch, it was clear that they not only were still very good friends, but also that both had grown to hold very similar values including the value of working to help others. From this initial meeting, the collaboration of Incentive Counselling was formed.

Wendy Blancher and Connie Lupichuk

Our Mission

Committed to quality, evidence-based counselling and related services in a caring and compassionate environment to improve the well-being of individuals and families.

Our Vision

Communities where everyone can experience peace, harmony, co-operation, and contentment within ourselves and within our families.

Our Values

Respect, Trust, Empathy, Service, Honesty and Diversity