exams studying and stress
Self care tips during exam time

Managing Stress During Exams

Managing academic stress – especially during exam time – is easier said than done! However, taking care of your mental and physical health during this time is very important. Here are some strategies you can try to help cope with stress:

Take Breaks for YOU.

Take a break! Schedule some time in between studying to do something you enjoy. Relax, go for a short walk outside, or watch an episode of a show you like – whatever you like to do, make some time to do it each day if you can to reduce build up of academic stress.

Go for a Walk.

Being outside in the fresh air can help reduce your stress levels. If you are beginning to feel anxious and overwhelmed, go for a walk – even a short walk can help! Exercise is an excellent way to ward off academic stress!

Take Care of Your Body.

Most students tend to neglect their bodies when exams come – you’re tired, you’re stressed, and maybe you’re so stressed you just don’t feel like eating. However, taking care of your physical health will help you focus, reduce your academic stress, and increase your ability to perform well on test day. Eat healthy meals, take time to exercise (e.g., go for a walk, do yoga, workout, or meditate), and most of all, get your rest. Sleep is important – make sure you’re getting enough!

Talk to Someone.

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, sometimes the best thing to do is talk to someone. Talk to your peers, friends, or your family about how you’re feeling. Sharing how we feel with people we trust can often make us feel better.

Watch Your Self-Talk.

Its very easy to fall into a downward spiral of negative thinking when you’re worried about an exam. How we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our thoughts and how we feel. If you’re worried about an exam, avoid negative thoughts like “I’m going to fail” or “I’m too stupid for this”. If you find yourself saying thinking these things, try reframing them into something positive, such as “I am going to do my best” or “I am smart and I know I can do well.”

Get Help.

If you find that none of these strategies work for you and your stress feels overwhelming, give us a call. Our counsellors provide a safe and professional environment where you can build resilience and develop skills to cope with stress.