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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a common problem that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everyday life.


Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a common problem that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everyday life. It can make you feel like there’s no way out of the anxiety cycle, and lead you to self-destructive behaviour. Fortunately at Incentive Counselling, we believe that anxiety can be overcome with proper support and guidance.


At Incentive Counselling, we understand that anxiety can be caused by many things, including:


  • Stressful life events
  • Traumatic life experiences
  • Poor coping skills
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Poor sleep habits


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it’s time to reach out. We can provide you with the anxiety counselling support you need to get through this challenging time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Anxiety Counselling

How Do You Know When You Need Anxiety Counselling?

There are a few signs that you may need anxiety counselling. If you have been experiencing these symptoms for more than six months, it is time to seek help.


  • You’re constantly worried about something that has happened or is going to happen.
  • You feel like your anxiety is controlling your life rather than the other way around.
  • You’re consistently having trouble sleeping or eating because of your anxiety
  • Your anxiety makes it hard for you to consistently focus at work, school or in relationships with friends and family members
  • You’ve tried everything from self-help books to medication without any relief from your symptoms


Rest-assured if you are experiencing these symptoms, you have come to the right place. Incentive Counselling is happy to help you! Contact us today to book a consultation with our team of professional counsellors!

How Does Anxiety Counselling Work?

Anxiety counselling is a form of therapy that involves discussing and exploring your anxiety experiences. Our counsellors will work with you to understand what is causing your anxiety, how it impacts your life, and how to manage it.


The first session involves an assessment that helps us understand what issues contribute to your anxiety and how we can help you overcome them.


Anxiety counselling sessions typically last 50 minutes, but we can also offer longer appointments if needed.

What are the benefits of anxiety counselling?

Here at Incentive Counselling, we will work together to find the cause of your anxiety and develop strategies for coping with it. During your anxiety counseling, you can benefit from such things as:


  • Better understand how your mind and body are linked.
  • Identify the patterns causing your symptoms.
  • Learn to manage stress without relying on unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or other destructive behaviors.
  • Learn to relax and slow down when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or afraid.


Overall, with the help of anxiety counselling by Incentive Counselling, you can take control of your anxiety symptoms and get back on track with your life!

What Counselling Services Do We Offer?

We offer various services to help individuals and couples manage anxiety proactively and effectively. Our primary counselling services include the following:

Ultimately, anxiety is a severe mental health issue that affects individuals of all ages. Our services are designed to help you feel better and get your life back on track. Please contact us today if you want more information about how we can help.

Simple prices, flexible options, & nothing hidden.

Why Choose Incentive Counselling as Your Anxiety Counselling Solution of Choice?

If you are suffering from anxiety and need help to find a solution, Incentive Counselling is the right place for you. We are here to help you find the proper treatment for your needs and ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

We offer in-person and online counselling sessions that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. Our counsellors are highly trained and experienced individuals with extensive training in treating anxiety-related issues properly. Don’t wait any longer: contact us today for a consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Anxiety counselling is a way to gain insight into the underlying causes of your anxiety and to learn effective coping strategies. Our experienced counsellors will provide you with guidance, support and education, as well as practical tools that can help reduce symptoms.

Counselling for anxiety is an effective way to gain insight into why you are feeling anxious and learn strategies to help cope with your symptoms. Through our counselling services, individuals can work on identifying triggers that lead to their heightened state of anxiety and then work on finding solutions to reduce or eliminate it.

Our counsellors use a variety of different techniques to help individuals manage their anxiety. These can include cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and mindfulness.

Each person’s recovery process is different, so it’s difficult for us to give an exact timeline for how long it will take before you start seeing results. But we can say that it depends on factors like the severity of your condition and any comorbidities that may require more time for recovery.

Counselling costs will vary depending on the educational level and experience of the counselor providing service to you, and the type of counselling you are seeking.  For the most part however our rates are as follows:


  • Individual counselling varies from $120 – $165 per 1-hour session.
  • Couples counselling is from $120 – $185 per 1-hour session.


Some counselling services, such as programs offered will have costs for the entire program, not per session costs, so be sure to reach out to us for further details!

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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a common problem that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everyday life.

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