Child Program for Children of Divorce

When parents are going through divorce, even a relatively cooperative one, children face many consequences and are bound to be affected in some way. Some children feel responsible for the divorce, some feel they need to take care of a struggling parent, and other children struggle with anxiety or other problematic emotions. When parents are cooperative, they can work together to minimize consequences for their children and ease the transition to the new family dynamic.

Unfortunately, many separating and divorcing couples, who may be struggling to cope
themselves, have difficulty working cooperatively with a former partner. In these cases,
children may either be in the fray of the conflict or left to navigate their new situation alone.
Either scenario is extremely difficult.

Incentive Counselling’s Child Program is designed specifically to help children cope with their parent’s separation or divorce. Children face many of the same challenges when parents separate, but some children, especially if parents are engaged in a high-conflict divorce, face challenges that can be very difficult to manage on their own. Changes can happen abruptly, as children are often the last to be informed when divorce occurs, and they can be left feeling confused, abandoned and caught in the middle. Most children do not have
the ability to navigate the complexities of separation and divorce and intervention is required.

The program differs from traditional child counselling as the focus is not entirely on the child, but rather, the family as a whole. It provides psychoeducation about divorce and relates this information to the child’s experience. The program offers a safe space to share their feelings and concerns and learn strategies to navigate them. Both divorce-specific and therapeutic interventions are used to help your child manage these difficulties and move forward in a healthy, well-adjusted way.

The program will help your child manage emotions, learn healthy communication techniques, and build resilience to ease the adjustment to the new family dynamic, build confidence and self-esteem, and encourage a healthy bond/relationship with both parents.

Each child is different, but most children complete the program in 9 – 10 sessions. For children aged 6 – 9, age-appropriate techniques such as play therapy are utilized, and the program is more advanced for older children (age 12 and up).

Upon completion, a brief verification report outlining observations of the child’s behavior, an outline of the concepts introduced to your child, an evaluation of participation in the program and suggestions for next steps.  This report is provided to both parents.

Children of Divorce Counsellors

Connie Lupichuk


Connie Lupichuk

Connie is based in Penticton and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Connie, please click the button below.

Wendy Blancher


Wendy is based in Kelowna and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Wendy, please click the button below.