Family Bridges 

Through Family Bridges, alienated children can rapidly reconnect with their rejected parents during a four-day workshop. If you are unfamiliar with parental alienation, please read about it here. This workshop is helpful when Courts have determined a change of custody is in a child’s best interest.

The Workshop

A mental health professional trained in the Family Bridges program facilitates the workshop. The facilitator sets the stage for the child to reassert their love for the alienated parent. During this process, children are not held accountable for their past behavior. They are instead given a way to save their face by ending their campaign. After completing  this Family Bridges for Alienated Parents program, they can reclaim their previous role as a loving child of a loving parent.


The vast majority of families have found the Family Bridges successful.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Trimble called Family Bridges’ results “nothing short of remarkable.”

He further describes the program as designed for family members in which there is alienation.  He stresses that this process does not involve the Court and occurs after litigation is completed. The process gives family members the tools required to re-form healthy, loving, respectful bonds between children and both of their parents.  Parents are taught that they can parent their children in a parallel way without denigrating the other parent. The Bridges Program provides its services to the children, the favored parent, and the rejected parent in alienation cases.

The process is experiential and educational.  Parents are provided materials (written, oral and visual) to help them realize their motivations, actions and the impact of those actions on other family members.  With this new understanding, parents recognize behaviors that are unhealthy and through the program, have learned strategies to address them. 

Want more information?

Parents and professionals (evaluators, attorneys, and therapists) who wish to arrange a consultation to explore program suitability should email Connie Lupichuk at  

Family Bridges for Alienated Parents
Connie Lupichuk, BSW., MSW., RSW., CLC. Senior Consultant Incentive Counselling Services


Western Canada is fortunate to have two trained professionals, such as Connie Lupichuk.

Drawing on this experience, Connie now provides expert consultation to attorneys, mental health professionals/assessors, families, Child Protection Services, and community agencies. She assists in guiding these challenging cases to their most appropriate and successful outcomes. Connie also offers expert testimony, training, and education on alienation and how the Courts and Child Protection agencies can best manage these cases.