Iffat Ritter

Senior Legal Counsel at Procido LLP

After graduating from The College of Law, University of Saskatchewan, in 2007 I articled and then worked in a very small law firm in Saskatoon where my areas of practice focused on criminal law, civil litigation and family law. In 2008 I took a position with a large firm in Saskatoon and became a partner in 2014.  For the past 15 years I have primarily practiced in the area of Family Law Litigation dealing with very high conflict families going through separation and divorce.

In April 2023, I took on a position at my current firm, Procido LLP in order to focus on a resolution-based practice so that I could provide my clients with more affordable options to resolve their matters out of court.

It was frustrating for me to see my clients go though so much turmoil and end up with results they were not expecting or that did not work well for their children. I often found it left families worse off.  Aside from the exorbitant expenses associated with litigation, which often exhausted their resources, the length of time it took to have their matters dealt with in court (in most cases 2 to 7 years), always took a toll on these families emotionally, financially, and in some cases resulted in physical and mental manifestations affecting their health.

Even though I was helping my clients, I could not help but feel there was a better way to resolve issues for my clients in an amicable, timely and cost-effective manner.  In 2021, I began training to change the way forward for my clients. I became a legal coach to assist self representing individuals, a mediator and a parenting coordinator to assist the families I was working with.  For the past 2 years I have focussed on transitioning my family law practice to a resolution-based practice and no longer engage in a litigation practice.

I continue to work in other areas of law including Wills and Estates, Real Estate and Workplace Investigation.

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Referral Partner Services

Divorce Legal Coaching

A family lawyer conducts divorce coaching. The lawyer ensures you are adequately prepared to represent yourself in court. We work with an experienced family lawyer who can give you the necessary tools and direction to review your evidence, and complete the proper applications.


Mediation is a way to make your own decisions regarding relationship conflicts including separation and divorce.  A mediator helps divorcing couples cooperatively make decisions preventing any court interference. At Incentive counselling we have a lawyer retained who specializes in mediating separation and divorce conflicts and as well as a counsellor to assist with relationship conflicts.

Interspousal Agreements

A family lawyer typically creates an Interspousal Agreement between spouses at any stage of a relationship.  The focus of the agreement is usually the division of assets if separation were to occur. Written Interspousal Agreements made during a relationship are important in order to crystallize in writing the agreements that each spouse plans to uphold in the event of a separation, and to verify that the agreements are enforceable at law.