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Starting and maintaining a private practice can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive.  For those who are managing a thriving private practice, being a sole practitioner can be lonely, isolating and offer limited opportunity to collaborate with other clinicians.

Currently, there are two private practice platforms available – working independently or contracting with an existing counselling practice where you are reimbursed a portion of your fees.

At Incentive Counselling Services we are offering a unique opportunity.  With us, you can maintain your independence, but not be responsible for many administrative functions or marketing. At Incentive, you will be part of a collaborative multidisciplinary practice where you:

  • Can collaborate with other professionals.
  • Can opt in to use office space or continue to practice in your own space.
  • Keep more of your fees than with any other collaborative option.
  • Not worry about a website and marketing costs.

If you are looking for collaborative multidisciplinary practice and are ready to grow your practice do not hesitate to send your CV and interest to