Divorce Legal Coaching

Legal Divorce Coaching ($200 per hour).

Given the rising costs of litigation, many people are choosing to represent themselves in court matters.  A legal coach provides a self-represented party with many resources to assist them in their litigation journey.  

Services can include assistance with explaining court processes, explaining assisting with or preparing forms that are required, explaining legislation and regulations and how these apply to the case, providing advice and opinions, assisting with the preparation of legal briefs and arguments, doing case research and assisting with managing different stages of litigation.

The service is individually tailored to suit the specific needs of the self-represented litigant. The self-represented party chooses the services and can be dynamic to accommodate their needs as their file progresses.

Divorce coaching is conducted by a family lawyer licensed as a divorce coach.  This specialty training gives the divorce coach the necessary tools to help you prepare for proper self-representation.  

This is a referral service only.  Contact Connie Lupichuk for a referral.

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