Separation / Divorce Counselling

Undoubtedly, navigating divorce can be overwhelming, intimidating, frustrating, and downright painful. Making decisions when you are grieving the loss of your familiar family unit and feeling uncertain of the future, as well as being overwhelmed with the prospect of how to move forward, can seem impossible. It is difficult to determine the best course of action when you are not in a clear-headed state of mind, and the additional stress at this time can make your tolerance to any adversity low. Disagreements, pressure to make decisions you need more time to be ready for, or any new difficulties can lead to overwhelm very quickly. 

Additionally, if children are involved, research indicates that it is not parental separation that causes negative outcomes for children but rather exposure to parental conflict.  Children are at risk for short- and long-term poor adjustment if exposed to unhealthy parental resentment or anger. If conflict is prolonged, children are more likely to experience psychological harm and find it difficult to adjust and recover. Incentive Counselling offers several programs to help navigate through this transitional time.

Some target areas of divorce counselling may be managing grief, emotional regulation, developing conflict resolution skills, learning new coping strategies, and providing support while you are experiencing this difficult transition phase.

Separation / Divorce Counsellors

Connie Lupichuk


Connie Lupichuk

Connie is based in Penticton and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Connie, please click the button below.