Family Reconciliation

Helping Families Navigate Separation, Divorce, and Co-parenting Challenges

After years of working with families going through separation and divorce, it is clear that traditional counselling falls short of addressing some of the adverse effects of this change in circumstance. Traditional methods can be harmful and make an existing challenging situation more difficult and painful.

In an effort to resolve parental conflict, improve co-parenting, prevent/rectify child estrangement or resist/refuse situations, and to help parents avoid excess litigation during divorce, Incentive Counselling offers a wide range of programs. 

The professionals at Incentive Counselling are specially trained, experienced, and licenced to provide a variety of interventions. Our services can be suggested by family lawyers, ordered by the Court, or by the consent of both parents. 

Programs Offered

Incentive Counselling Reunification Program

This program is an intervention program recommended for parents engaged in a high-conflict divorce where children may be resisting contact with one parent. The program has shown efficacy in families whose children are mildly to moderately alienated or estranged.

Step 1. Intake Assessment

Before beginning this program, parents must complete an intake with the program coordinator to determine suitability.

Step 2. Parent Program

Each parent works with a divorce specialist using the New Ways for Families® (NWFF) program created by Bill Eddy of the High Conflict Institute.  This program is supplemented with other homework tailored to the specific needs of the parents. 

Step 3. Child Program

While parents are attending the NWFF program, children also receive specialized interventions. Parent separation can be a traumatic experience for children.  Incentive Counselling has developed an age-appropriate program to address their experiences and to help minimize the mental/emotional impact of divorce.  Note: this is NOT traditional counselling, which has been demonstrated to cause more harm.  This program is specially designed to help children navigate their parental relationships when parents are embroiled in a high-conflict divorce. 

Step 4 – Positive Parenting Program

This program is an educational program focussing on positive parenting to ensure that children receive continuity in parenting in each home. Through this program, parents learn about four parenting styles, stages of child development, child capabilities at each stage, healthy and unhealthy family hierarchy dynamics, and communication styles. This program helps parents play a critical supportive role for children in a difficult transition time,

Step 5 – Parent-Child Sessions

In these sessions, parents and children work together to create a healthy relationship with open communication.  Parents introduce and help children learn the skills that they have learned in the parenting program.  The children are provided an opportunity to discuss their experiences in the divorce, and open communication and change are encouraged to mitigate any negative experiences. Parents also come to agreements in a “pre-mediation” session to determine and agree on parenting responsibilities, and lastly, these agreements are communicated to the children. 

Step 6 – Mediation/Parenting Coordinator 

If parents are found amenable to Mediation or working with a Parenting Coordinator, they can opt to work with our referral partners and use a “team approach”.  This team approach is valuable to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship and continue building the skills taught in the parenting program. The team approach reduces conflict and ensures that parents are creating a healthy c0-parenting relationship and not falling back into old patterns. 

Family Reconciliation Counsellors

Connie Lupichuk


Connie Lupichuk

Connie is based in Penticton and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Connie, please click the button below.

Wendy Blancher


Wendy is based in Kelowna and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Wendy, please click the button below.