Mediation ($300 per hour shared between parties).

Mediation is a process whereby a mediator facilitates 2 or more parties in identifying issues, assessing their needs and then work together to arrive at solutions that meet each of their needs. An interpersonal violence screening is conducted at the intake to ensure the process is right for the parties.

When parties go to court on interim applications (not a trial), a judge who knows little of what the parents or their children need, makes life changing decisions for the families and children involved.  Even though judges always consider the best interests of the children involved, these decisions are based on what the judge accepts from the evidence provided.  The judge must determine, usually from written statements as opposed to live questioning, who is telling the truth. Evidence is not always truthful, but assessing credibility in written statements is very difficult when the evidence cannot be cross examined.   The judge must often make a difficult choice as to what they believe to be the truth. 

Once the Court’s decision is rendered, the parties are often stuck with that decision, and it is very difficult to change the outcome.  

Litigation is a process over which parties have no control of the outcome.  However, mediation allows for your input and factual evidence, but also your feelings and needs.  The parties have full control over the agreements they enter into and also the ability to change those agreements if they later require it. 

Mediation does not cost tens of thousands or more and often parties learn how to make decisions together going forward, without the need to engage in future litigation.  Mediation often preserves or improves relationship between the parties and with their children.

This is a referral service only.  Contact Connie Lupichuk for a referral.

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