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  • Is counselling covered by my work benefit plan?

    Counselling can be covered by benefits if you have a provider at your employer. Each plan may be slightly different, so it is important to ask your employer, or read the plan yourself. Look at your plan to find out the financial limit the plan will cover as well as the specific designation of the counsellor required to be eligible for coverage.

  • How much does counselling cost?

    Counselling costs will vary depending on the educational level and experience of the counsellor providing service to you, and the type of counselling you are seeking. Individual counselling varies from $120 - $165 per 1 hour session. Couples counselling is from $120 - $185 per 1 hour session. Some counselling services, such as programs offered will have costs for the full program, not per session costs.

  • How long will I have to wait to see a counsellor?

    Counsellor availability varies, but 2 weeks is not an unreasonable expectation. You can also request to be on a waitlist through our scheduling program that will give you the option of taking advantage of a cancellation.

  • How long does counselling take?

    Many of our programs are completed in 6 sessions, such as the New Ways for Families or Anger Management programs. Learning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help manage anxiety and depression can also be accomplished in 6 sessions, provided the homework is being done consistently. More complex situations will take longer.

  • Do you do children’s counselling?

    Yes, we have several programs for children including individual counselling, programs for children in intact families, and programs for those coping with parental divorce.