Work through it together

Finding a partner to share your dreams, joys, adventures, and sorrows is one of the most satisfying and wonderful things that we can experience in life.

That is why it is so heartbreaking if this connection starts to lose its luster and depth. Our busy lives with the daily stress and demands can chip away at our relational satisfaction leaving us feeling lonely or trapped. Counselling can help put the spark back into your relationship.

We are trained using the Gottman method of couples counselling where interventions are designed to help couples strengthen their relationships in three primary areas: friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning. Couples learn to replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions and to repair past hurts. Interventions designed to increase closeness and intimacy are used to improve friendship, deepen emotional connection, and create changes which enhances the couples shared goals.

The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect, and affection, remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy in conflicting situations, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

Couples Counselling

Some of the relationship issues that may be addressed in therapy

  • Frequent conflict and arguments
  • Poor communication
  • Emotionally distanced couples on the verge of separation
  • Specific problems such as sexual difficulties, infidelity, money, and parenting