Helping Families Navigate Separation, Divorce, and Co-parenting Challenges

After years of working with families going through separation and divorce, it became clear that traditional counselling falls short of addressing some of the negative effects of this change in circumstance. In fact, it is apparent that in some cases, traditional methods are actually harmful.

Family intervention pillars include specialized training for communication difficulties and evidence-based programming. Despite early intervention's advantages, many families are entangled in high-conflict lawsuits, causing long-term psychological and emotional harm to children and parents.

New Ways for Families®

Incentive Counselling has adapted Bill Eddy’s New Ways for Families® program to meet the unique needs of children and parents. As a result of the programs, separating and divorcing couples and, in particular, children involved, have shown significant benefits.

The program teaches parents four basic skills to make decisions, which make separation less challenging for children. By communicating better, people avoid courts and lawsuits. Financially, this keeps you from becoming enemies, and your child or children will benefit.

Man and woman with child in field

Our program uses the New Ways for Families® parent workbooks with a minor  adaptations.  In addition to the New Ways For Families program, Incentive Counselling therapists have developed a child program to reduce the harmful effects of divorce on children. Studies show that it’s not the separation that hurts youth but the extra fighting that can come after it. A big part of our programs is ensuring your children navigate your divorce in age appropriate, healthy ways.

Incentive Counselling High Conflict Program

Parent Program

The course provides opportunities for parents to practice  skills that encourage positive future behavior.

Parents who complete the New Ways for Families® program provide the court with evidence that they can successfully demonstrate co-parenting skills. In addition, it can provide information about those who require additional intervention.

Course Components

  • 6 sessions each – individual parent and counsellor
  • 3 sessions each – individual parent, child/ren and facilitator/counsellor

Children’s Program

In our exclusive children’s program, children learn how to cope with parent divorce/separation, express feelings in a healthy way, and manage emotions.
Our program addresses family dynamics, divorce issues (staying out of the middle), parental separation feelings, emotional management, critical thinking skills, and coping mechanisms.

Course Components

2 sessions – assessment – counsellor and each parent.
6 sessions – counsellor and children in the family.
*Note -in some cases, it is not appropriate to have children together for this program.  The suitability will be determined in the parent assessment.

Pre-Mediation Coaching

This course is designed for anyone preparing to enter mediation. Our goal is to help you manage your emotions and stay calm so you can make lasting decisions. It provides key points about mediation and 4 valuable skills for effectively navigating mediation.

Course Components:  3 – 4 individual 60 minute sessions

Decision Skills

New Ways for Families® Decision Skills course helps parents strengthen their decision-making skills after separation and divorce. You’ll feel more stable. It is accessible to parents with or without children. Four key decision-making skills are covered to prepare for mediation or court.


Course Components: 3 – 90 minute sessions each

Divorce Coaching

Divorce is an emotional and painful process. With a divorce counsellor, you can organize your goals and plan how you want to proceed. Divorce is stressful and emotional. Your counselor will assist you with managing your feelings and fears, proposing, and dealing with difficult spouses.
Coaching is provided on an “as-needed” basis.