We are here for you

Whether this is the first time you have thought about reaching out to a counsellor, or you are continuing your counselling journey, you will find comfort, support, and compassion at Incentive Counselling.

If you are here, you, or someone you care for, is struggling to find balance and a healthy sense of well-being. We are here to help. The interpretation of events, situations, ourselves, and others has a direct impact on our personal well-being and mental health. We interpret our world using habitual, ingrained tendencies and sometimes, negative or distorted patterns of thinking attack our inner confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.

Common Reasons for Seeking Help

  • Self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy
  • Depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness, emptiness, guilt, or shame
  • Overthinking, being overwhelmed, and having difficulty making decisions
  • Feelings of grief and loss
  • Body image concerns and body dysmorphia
  • Coping skills, emotional regulation, and stress management
  • Social anxiety and other phobias
  • Life transitions  – challenges of parenthood and caring for aging parents
  • Relationships, choosing the right partner, and relationship coaching
  • Professional/workplace challenges and work/life balances
  • Impacts of chronic illness and health issues
  • Dealing with past or current trauma
  • Gender and sexual identity
  • Embracing one’s authentic self
  • Exploring early childhood patterns and other difficulties that affect everyday life
  • Addiction and/or reckless and self-destructive behaviors

We have been trained in a variety of methods to help you through these tough times.

Services for pre-teens, teens, adults, and seniors.

For your comfort, in-office, virtual, or phone sessions are available.


Individual Session Fees:

55-minute Session: $120 – $165

Payable by e-transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or cash.

Your extended health care benefits may cover all or a portion of your treatment depending on your plan’s requirements.

If you currently don’t have benefits, fees are tax deductible.

Please ask for more details.

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