1. Parent Capacity Assessments

A Parenting Capacity Assessment is an in-depth report investigating “the ability to parent in a ‘good enough’ manner long term” (Conley, 2003).
According to a survey of practitioners’ perceptions of ‘good enough’ parenting, there are four elements: meeting children’s health and developmental needs, putting children’s needs first, providing routine and consistent care, acknowledging problems and engaging with support services.
From the same survey, risky parenting was associated with: neglecting basic needs; putting adults’ needs first, chaos and lack of routine and an unwillingness to engage with support services.

2. Voices of the Child/Child Voices Report

A Voice of the Child report is a child-focused report that records a child’s views and preferences for the court in a far simpler and quicker way than a full assessment report. The report can be particularly helpful at an early stage of the proceeding where parents disagree about the child’s preferences and perspective. Email connie@incentivecounselling.ca to discuss further and to get a quote for this service.

3. Professional Consultations and Clinical Supervision

Working in the clinical field is challenging and isolating. Trying to keep up with current research is an added stressor for counsellors. Over the years, the need to provide clinical services to families entrenched in high conflict divorces has risen. More and more parents are struggling with an ex-spouse who is unwilling to negotiate parenting plans that are in the best interests of their children. Some parents engage in behaviour indicative of parental alienation, which is a distinctive response to the complex process of divorce and can constitute a pattern of severe psychological abuse. Connie has specialized training and expertise in parental alienation and is open to provide consultation/supervision services to clinicians.  Email connie@incentivecounselling.ca to discuss further and to get a quote for this service.