Virtual Certified Anger Management Course

Learn about your anger and change behavior in a small group setting.

There are many advantages to the format and style of this virtual anger management course.

Firstly, in this small group setting, Anger Management participants share learning and growth in meaningful ways and support one another in learning better ways to express and cope with anger.

Secondly, working in a group setting can helps to de-stigmatize your anger issue, because others are working on the same thing. You are not alone.


Another advantage is reduced cost. Although anger management is available for individual counselling, working with 4 other participants significantly lowers the cost for each participant.

  • Here are the details:
    • Course Cost – $399 per person
    • Length of course – six 90 minute sessions – one evening per week.
    • Anger Management Workbook and supplementary material provided.
    • A certificate of completion is awarded upon successful attendance and participation.
    • Available virtually.


Session 1 – Learning about Anger – Triggers

Session 2 – Triggers and Resulting Thoughts

Session 3 –  Triggers, Resulting Thoughts, and Feelings

Session 4 – Triggers, Resulting Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

Session 5 –  Triggers, Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors and Consequences

Session 6 – Managing Responses Moving Forward

Next Available Date:

March 13th, 2024
5:30 - 7:00 pm PST - Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks

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