Parent and Teen Counselling

Teenage years can be difficult for both parents and teenagers. The goal of parent-teen counselling is to help family members identify how specific behaviors affect others, learn new ways of relating to each other, resolve conflicts, and open lines of communication between all family members.

When your child reaches adolescence, they reach a stage of development (12-14 years – identity vs. confusion) where they are asserting independence and trying to figure out who they are.  At this time in their lives, peer relationships are the most important and often this becomes problematic. 

Conflict often is experienced when teen independence and parental restrictions do not align.  Rather than engaging in a power struggle, there are better solutions to come to agreement. Strategies that allow your child to successfully find some measure of independence, and maintain a parent’s rules for respect, safety, and family responsibility, are possible to learn and implement. 

Parent and Teen Counsellors

Wendy Blancher



Wendy is based in Kelowna and provides counselling services in-person or online. To read more about Wendy please go here.

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