Incentive Counselling provides four main service areas: individual, couples/family, divorce and separation, and Clinical Supervision/Consulting. Whatever your circumstance, we are here to help. Navigate to the appropriate area for more information and to find a specialist right for you.

Individual Counselling

Anxiety Counselling

If you are suffering from anxiety, you know that it can impact every facet of your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. We offer individual anxiety counselling as well as a specialized group program for youth. 

Depression Counselling

If you are feeling a sense of sadness or hopelessness that you just can’t shake, depression counselling will help. Depression is a common, treatable mental health challenge, and we use strategies that will help you see clearly and give you back the hope you are missing in your life. 

Anger Counselling

If you have identified anger as a problem in your life, you are not alone.  Many individuals have learned that anger is a way to handle frustration, but there are far less destructive choices.  Our Anger Management Course is offered individually and in a small virtual group setting and will help you find a better way. 

Trauma Counselling

When we experience trauma, our concept of safety and security is compromised. We may become hypervigilant and frequently end up in fight, flight or freeze mode. Our counsellors can help you break this unhealthy cycle and help you feel in control and safe again. 

Stress Counselling

When we are overly stressed, our tolerance and resilience are both reduced significantly. Stress can be caused by several things, like a non-existent work-life balance, experiencing overwhelming adversity, or having unresolved trauma. Stress reduction is essential to feel healthy and happy again.  

Career Counselling

Ready for a career change? Whatever your circumstances, goals or dreams might be, the bottom line is that your life is in transition. Learn about careers that best suit your personality style and start searching for opportunities in areas that will bring you satisfaction and contentment in your work life. 

Grief, Loss, Bereavement Counselling

Grief can be overwhelming, and experiencing a loss can be devastating. Rebuilding a life and moving forward can seem impossible.  Counselling can help you manage the grieving process.

Couples and Family Counselling

Couples Counselling

Finding a partner to share your dreams, joys, adventures, and sorrows is one of the most satisfying and beautiful things we can experience. That is why it is so heartbreaking if this connection loses its luster and depth. Our busy lives with daily stress and demands can chip away at our relational satisfaction, leaving us feeling lonely or trapped. Counselling can help put the spark back into your relationship.

Family Counselling

Raising children can be difficult, especially in our challenging times. If you are hoping to improve communication, instil a sense of responsibility, and improve the dynamic in your family relationships, we can help.  

We can also help to resolve family disputes by identifying fair and reasonable solutions. Our experience with conflict resolution empowers both parties to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions. 

Parent-Teen Counselling

Teenage years can be difficult for both parents and teenagers. Your child has reached the stage of development where they are asserting independence and trying to figure out who they are.  The goal of parent-teen counselling is to help family members identify how specific behaviors affect others, learn new ways of relating to each other, resolve conflicts, and open lines of communication between all family members.

Separation and Divorce

Family Reconciliation / Family Reunification

Our family program incorporates the New Ways for Families program developed by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute. We have also added an exclusive program for children to help them cope with their new family dynamic.  Parents learn the critical skills needed for joint decision making for their children.

Separation / Divorce Counselling

Navigating separation and divorce can be painful, emotionally, and financially expensive. Not only are you experiencing the loss of your familiar family unit, but you also must move forward.  This can be overwhelming. Our divorce specialist can help make this transition easier for you. 

Section 211 /
Parenting Capacity Assessment

A Section 211 report is typically ordered in complex family cases when parents cannot agree on a parenting plan.  Our senior counsellor at Incentive Counselling has extensive knowledge and experience preparing such reports in a timely and professional manner. 

Voice of the Child

Voice of the Child reports ensure a child’s voice is heard in separation and divorce cases. At Incentive Counselling, a brief investigation is conducted to determine if a child is influenced or manipulated to make custody requests.


Anger Management Course

Anger Management participants share learning and growth in meaningful ways and support one another in learning better ways to express and cope with anger.

Anxiety Course for Youth

Anger Management participants share learning and growth in meaningful ways and support one another in learning better ways to express and cope with anger.

Referral Partners

Divorce Legal Coaching

A family lawyer conducts divorce coaching. The lawyer ensures you are adequately prepared to represent yourself in court. We work with an experienced family lawyer who can give you the necessary tools and direction to review your evidence, and complete the proper applications.


Mediation is a way to make your own decisions regarding relationship conflicts including separation and divorce.  A mediator helps divorcing couples cooperatively make decisions preventing any court interference. At Incentive counselling we have a lawyer retained who specializes in mediating separation and divorce conflicts and as well as a counsellor to assist with relationship conflicts..

Interspousal Agreements

A family lawyer typically creates an Interspousal Agreement between spouses at any stage of a relationship.  The focus of the agreement is usually the division of assets if separation were to occur. Written Interspousal Agreements made during a relationship are important in order to crystallize in writing the agreements that each spouse plans to uphold in the event of a separation, and to verify that the agreements are enforceable at law.

Clinical Supervision/Consulting

Professional Supervision

 We are here to help you succeed in your counselling career. If you require supervision to qualify for full certification, or are a counsellor with less than 5 years experience, we can help. Alternatively, if you are working on a complex case that you would benefit from guidance, our senior counsellor can help you with that too.  Contact us to see if what we offer is right for you. 


High Conflict Divorce –  Over the years, the need to provide clinical services to families entrenched in high conflict divorces has risen. Connie has specialized training and expertise in parental alienation and is open to provide consultation/supervision services to clinicians.  

Service Providers

Connie Lupichuk


Director of Consulting and Programs

Connie Lupichuk

Connie is based in Penticton and provides the following services, in-person or online. To read more about Connie please go here.

Wendy Blancher


Director of Counselling

Wendy Blancher

Wendy is based in Kelowna and provides the following services, in-person or online. To read more about Wendy please go here.

Krista Giilck

Masters of Psychology Student

Krista Giilck

Krista is based in Kelowna and provides the following services in-person or online. To read more about Krista, please go here. 

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