Shonah Nykiforuk, RPC-C

Registered Professional Counsellor - Candidate

Shonah strives to build trustworthy connections and treats clients with unconditional positive regard and empathy. Open conversation and collaboration for treatment are key as Shonah strives to put clients at ease by creating an environment of safety.

Clients struggling with anxiety, depression, relational issues and those wishing to broaden their self-awareness will benefit from working with Shonah. Most notably, Shonah is passionate about providing support and resources to those with an addict in their lives, as she is familiar with the toll this supportive position can take.

Shonah is trained to facilitate our certified Anger Management program in individual and group sessions.  This is a great course that can educate clients on how to recognize and manage emotions and triggers leading up to an anger episode.  As a group course, it can be an excellent offering to corporations that wish to bring an educational component to their team.
Shonah accepts clients aged 6-12 as part of her pediatric focus.  She works with children with behaviour disorders, anxiety, depression and social struggles.  Shonah’s enthusiastic and friendly disposition is well-received by children. She is adaptable to ensure that all engagement is geared towards their level of understanding, bringing more awareness to the issue at hand.


Services Shonah Offers

Anxiety Counselling

Depression Counselling

Anger Counselling

Stress Counselling

Addiction Counselling