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What is your incentive for being right here, right now?

Are you hoping to become happier, more content, and grateful in your everyday life, but you can’t seem to shake the depression that seems to hang over you like a cloud?

Do you need to control and quieten that negative internal dialogue that defeats you everyday or makes you feel you are in a constant state of anxiety and unease? Are you wanting to feel happier and content with where you are without comparing yourself to others?

Are you wishing that the conflict and unhappiness that has crept into your relationships would just go away? Are you struggling to cope with a difficult separation that is leaving you feeling lost and hopeless?

There are ways to live your life with joy and happiness. Whether it is for individual help and guidance, improving relationships, or to help in your professional capacity, Incentive Counselling can offer the assistance you need. Our caring and compassionate counsellors can help you navigate challenges and guide you to experience life with the joy, happiness, and contentment you seek.

Our Practice

Personal & Individual therapy sessions.

Adult Therapy

Let us help you on your journey to find clarity and contentment in your everyday life.

Couples Therapy

Learn healthy communication techniques and increase admiration, love, and affection.

Child Therapy and Courses

Individual counselling for children of separating/divorcing couples and small group programs for anxiety.

Family Therapy

Family Reunification program to enable parents to co-parent effectively and children to cope with the new family paradigm.

Consultation Prices

Transparent pricing and flexible options.

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