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Living your best life isn’t always as easy as it seems. Distractions can often interfere with life enjoyment and pursuits and leave us doubting ourselves and others.  The severity of these distractions can impact all aspects of life. From time to time, everyone can benefit from help to manage these challenges. This is normal. Whether it is for individual help and guidance, improving relationships, or to help in your professional capacity, Incentive Counselling can offer the assistance you need.  Our caring and compassionate counsellors can help you navigate challenges and guide you to a path of renewal and well-being.

Our services at Incentive Counselling are flexible to meet your needs.  Your comfort and convenience is important to us.  Appointments are available in our Kelowna or Penticton offices, by phone, or online using Skype.

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What We Offer
Individual and Couples Counselling
Counselling is a collaborative, interactive process that helps you to identify your goals and work toward them in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Through counselling, you will be able to hone in on your challenges in a positive way, clarify distractions, explore various opportunities, and develop working strategies to build self-awareness and confidence. Call or make an appointment with Wendy for these services.
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Divorce Coaching
Divorce can be a highly emotional and painful process.  A divorce coach can help you navigate the different stages of divorce, provide skills to manage your emotions, teach effective communication skills, and help to ensure your children’s needs are met first in agreements. Although a divorce coach does not offer legal advice, using this service can minimize use of a lawyer and hasten agreeable outcomes.  Call or book an appointment with Connie for these services.
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Professional Services
At Incentive Counseling Services Connie offers a wide array of professional services including:

  • trial consultation (high conflict and parental alienation)
  • parenting capacity assessments
  • professional clinical consultation/supervision.

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Did you know many employees have counselling benefits through their employment that may be covered? Alternatively, counselling is considered a health expense and can be included in your income tax.

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